Easily manage and track apprenticeship registrations.

Apprentice Monitor is a secure, hosted platform for managing apprenticeship registrations. Core features include apprentice credential administration, program analytics and data conversion support for popular CRMs.


Registration Management

Manage the entire registration process by creating tailor-made registration forms complete with customized fields for any apprenticeship program, or let our team build a custom form to spec. And of course, you can breakdown, search and view any custom data request.

Data Conversion

Import and export apprenticeship data to Salesforce, SugarCRM and Zoho CRM platforms. Using our Dataset API, data can be encoded/decoded to JSON, XLS and CSV formats for universal compliance. And sleep well...Apprentice Monitor also creates backups of your critical data.

Custom Fields

Every industry apprenticeship is unique, so we made Apprentice Monitor extra easy to intuitively customize. Moreover, you can create and modify as many custom fields, as well as mappings to popular CRMs, as you’d like. All fields can also be assigned to ‘formsets’. No need to reinvent the wheel -- move your previously created fields to any registration form. You’re welcome.

Analytics and Reporting

Apprentice Monitor features powerful, customizable reporting tools that help you easily track, monitor and access summaries of your apprenticeship data. Quickly view program data, apprentice progress, student credentials and their program progress. Reduce your dependence on spreadsheets; easily generate and view reports on your dataset metrics.

Dataset API

The Apprentice Monitor API makes it easy to send and receive data, embed apprenticeship datasets on websites and, optionally, allow public consumption of the API. Our Dataset API is built on GraphQL and utilizes the OAuth2 protocol for authentication, which empowers your team to build custom integrations and presentations based on your apprenticeship data.

Save precious time and optimize your apprenticeship registration workflow. Launching August 2019.

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